Bankside - London's Oldest Entertainment District


Bankside on the south side of the River Thames, has in recent years undergone a transformation, with the opening of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern, it's once again a cultural hub. However in olden days the entertainment was much more raucous with brothels and bear baiting.

The Bankside walking tour follows in the footsteps of Londoners from the medieval and Tudor times  and discovers where they would have gone to have their fun. 

Southwark Cathedral

On the tour we will see the majestic Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market, a popular place for foodies. As we walk along the riverside, taking in impressive views of the City of London, we will see  historic pubs, the remains of a medieval palace as well as the present and original sites of The Globe Theatre.

Borough Market

The Bankside bespoke walking tours are popular with corporate groups and clubs who are looking for a light hearted and fun historical walk. The tour can be custom made to finish at a restaurant or pub of your choice.

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