Why Chose a Bespoke Walking Tour?

What is a Bespoke Walk?

A bespoke walking tour is unique and custom made exclusively for you.

What are the advantages of booking a Bespoke Walk?

Choosing a custom made, bespoke walk, in preference to an off the peg public walk, means that the tour is tailor made to suit your interests and requirements.

It also means that the tour is exclusively for you and your group only.

When you book a bespoke walk we pre-arrange the date beforehand so the walk takes place on the day and at a time that is convenient for you.

My Skills

Professional Service:  I am a qualifed tour guide who has been awarded the Certificate of City of London Guiding (2009) and the Certificate in Tour Guiding Westminster (2011). Both courses involved sucessfully completing written and practical exams and this has equipped me with the guiding skills and knowledge to enable me to confidently prepare and deliver walking tours for the general public.

Experience: I have been leading walking tours for corporate clients, clubs, associations and small groups of family or friends since 2009.

Customer Care:  I have over 20 years experience of working in local government directly with the general public. My role has involved dealing with complex and sensitive information which has enabled me to develop good communication, problem solving and other interpersonal skills, which I have also been helpful in my role as a tour guide.

What I Offer

The service begins when you contact me. Many of my enquires are by word of mouth recommendations or repeat bookings and therefore most people contact me directly. Alternatively you can contact me by completing the  contact form. When you complete the form you will get an automatic email notification that's just so you know that it's been sent.

I will personally reply to your email as soon as I can, usually within the same day, if not within 24 hours. When I respond, I'll answer any questions you've got and offer you few suggestions or options for you to consider. There is no hard sell, simply you come back to me if you're interested in making a booking.

We would then have a more detailed discussion either by email or phone to work out the fine detail to ensure that I deliver the type of walk you are wanting.

The secret to the success of bespoke walks is in the planning and preperation before the day itself. Whether it's a one off walk or a full day guiding I'll draw up an itinery that accomodates the needs and preferences of your group. I'll top and tail your tour to ensure that we identify a convenient meeting point and we can finish the tour at a restaurant, pub or other venue of your choice.