Sinister Smithfield

Watch Tower - Look out for the body snatchers

Smithfield, with its gruesome history, is the perfect place to explore if you are looking for a spooky walk. Originally an area of open fields situated just outside of the City of London walls, it was a place for many centuries where people would gather to watch the spectacle of public executions. It is also here that the body snatchers plied their trade.

The Sinister Smithfield bespoke tour explores the area's gruesome history with stories about horrific public executions, body snatchers and ghosts. 

A haunted, historic church

On the tour we will see the site where the Great Fire of London in 1666 ended, a church that has featured in many blockbuster films and a famous meat market (exterior only). If the tour takes places during daylight hours it will include a visit to a park which is on the site of three former burial grounds.

Sinister Smithfield bespoke walking tours are particularly popular in the evening, with small groups of family and friends who enjoy exploring the atmospheric, dark, deserted street. This tour is family friendly and suitable for older children.

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