Prisons & Punishments in the Old City

The Old Bailey

In olden times the City of London was home to several prisons including the largest and most notorious one, which is now where the Old Bailey stands, and another which started life as a Tudor palace. 

Prisons and Punishments in the Old City walking tour visits the sites of several former prisons and explore the awful living conditions of those incarcerated.

Memorial to William Wallace

On the tour we will hear about the different types of punishment that were used, including the death penalty. Each method was designed to inflict pain and public humiliation on the criminal and to act as a deterrent, or warning, to the wider community. We will hear about the different methods of public execution including William Wallace who was hung, drawn and quartered.

The  Prison and Punishment bespoke walking tours are particularly popular with educational groups and clubs and societies who are interested in social history and small groups of family and friends who are wanting to explore London's macabre past.

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