Hitchcock's Leading Lady - Exploring Hitch's West End

Hitchcock's Blackmail

Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, is best remembered today for being the director of such classic films as Psycho and Vertigo. However he was born in London and started his film career here.

The Hitchcock bespoke walking tour charts Hitch's London connections and visits the West End locations which feature in his films Blackmail, the first British talkie, Stage Fright and Frenzy

Hitchcock's Frenzy

The tour focuses on Covent Garden and Bloomsbury and is designed to have something for everyone, not just Hitchcock aficionados and film lovers. The tour can conclude with a visit to a pub which featured in one of Hitch's films.

RADA features in Stage Fright

The Hitchcock bespoke walking tours are popular with Hitchcock and movie fans and individuals interested in exploring the West End from a different angle.

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